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The Do Deca Pentathalon

This film by Jay and Mark Duplass is a mildly entertaining look at two VERY competitive brothers.

As teenagers, they created their own competition of 25 events (including holding your breath underwater, air hockey, long jump and laser tag). As adults (at least physically) Jeremy decides to surprise his brother Mark on his birthday at their mom's house. It isn't long until they have decided the entire weekend will be their DO-DECA-PENTATHLON. Steve Zissis and Mark Kelly are very good as the brothers, as is the supporting cast of no-name actors. As they compete and damn near kill each other over 25 events, there are a few laughs (especially the laser tag scene) but to say this movie is "slight" is an understatement. It's paper thin with a couple of laughs. The Duplass brothers have gone on to make "Cyrus" and "Jeff Who Lives at Home" and I am looking forward to seeing them and hoping there is just a bit more to them than this DO-DECA-dud that gets a C medal from me.

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