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Predator 2

Three years after the box office bonanza PREDATOR, the writers decided to try an Arnold-free sequel, PREDATOR 2.

Score one for Schwarzenegger sitting out this turkey.

Made in 1990 and set in 1997, drug gangs rule the streets of LA. Danny Glover plays frustrated veteran LA cop Harrigan, battling those well armed gangs and Gary Busey as CIA team leader battling something much worse than those gangs.

It seems one of our Predator aliens has decided that Los Angeles is the perfect killing grounds to go hunting.

The story is weak, the entire movie looks cheap and there are no surprises, just a rehash of all the things we loved in the first movie, transplanted from the jungle to the streets of California.

Even the great original Alan Silvestri music score from Predator lifted intact and plugged in where they think it fits.

Director Stephen Hopkins is a big screen hack, with the misguided "Lost In Space" and "Nightmare on Elm Street 5" on his resume and this misguided sequel doesn't help.

Uber violent, bloody and without humor, it wastes a decent cast, including Bill Paxton (Aliens). Stick with the original and pretend this one never happened.

2 gets a D.

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