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Dumb and Dumber To

Twenty years after the first Dumb & Dumber film, Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels reunite for the 2014 sequel DUMB AND DUMBER TO.

You have to give Carrey and Daniels full credit for being open to anything for a laugh, one just wishes that the writers had brought their a-game, because most of the funniest parts are in the trailer and they manage to stretch "kind of funny" to almost two hours.

Carrey is Lloyd, who has spent the last twenty years in a mental institution playing a prank on Harry that he's mentally no longer home.

Before the credits roll, they are heading off to reunite and catch up after two decades. Harry confesses that he needs a kidney transplant and when the hapless duo discover that Harry has a daughter they head out on an adventure to find her.

There ARE inspired moments that had me laughing out loud. The finale at a TED like conference in which Harry is mistaken for a brilliant scientist piles hilarious scene after scene together, culminating in a gut busting verbal exchange with a Stephen Hawking look-a-like.

But most of the film is kind of flat and delivers a much lower laugh per minute score than the original.

Rob Riggle has some damn funny disguises and poor Kathleen Turner serves as the butt of a lot of abusive jokes in her role as the boys high school girlfriend.

The Farrelly Brothers are running out of steam and mining the gross-out comedy angle pretty hard, but full credit to our stars. Somehow, Daniels manages to be funnier than Carrey. His sheer commitment to the character's stupidity pays off time and time again.

Carrey's no slouch either. No one in the history of film has ever managed to eat a hot dog quite this humorously.

Sadly, this sequel IS dumber than the original and less funny TO. The boys get a C.

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