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The Train

An early sixties war classic, THE TRAIN is nearly non-stop suspense set in the closing days of WW2.

Paul Scofield is terrific as a Nazi General obsessed with stealing all the great artworks of France, loading them onto a train and moving heaven and earth to sneak them into Germany before the Allied Forces arrive.

Burt Lancaster is Labiche, the French station master that the Nazis demand assist them in their plan. As Germany's grip on France loosens and more of Labiche's friends fall victim to German brutality, he creates an elaborate scheme to steal the artwork back for his home country.

Lancaster is very good in rough & tumble sixties action hero mode. Director John Frankenheimer (Grand Prix, Black Sunday, French Connection 2) stages great action sequences and suspense, keeping things moving like the runaway train of the title.

Amazing to note that all the train action, derailments and wrecks were staged full size and that's Lancaster doing all his own stunts. The carpet bombing of a train station by Allied Bombers is a standout action scene.

If you like classic war films, THE TRAIN delivers a hell of a ride and a solid B.

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