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The Skeleton Twins

In THE SKELETON TWINS, Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader both deliver strong performances as very different characters than you may by used to seeing them play.

As the film opens, adult twins Milo (Hader) and Maggie (Wiig) are attempting suicide on the same day. Maggie gets a call from the hospital at the moment she is ready to leave the world and she goes to her brother's side. It's the first time they have been together in a decade.

Milo is a lonely gay man wrestling with loss of a loved one and deep depression. Maggie takes him in, he sees her seemingly good life and begins to question it and his ability to find happiness.

Maggie carries more than a few secrets of her own and her quiet but "normal" marriage to Lance (Luke Wilson in a measured, strong performance) is not everything it appears to be.

As Milo and Maggie spend more time together and become a bigger part of each others lives, they find comfort, challenges, deeper secrets and a roller coaster of emotions.

This is a funny, serious and very sad film. Wiig and Hader are very good. Hader is the best thing in the film and will surprise anyone that thinks his great sketch comedy on SNL over the years was the limit of his talent.

This isn't a hilarious comedy. It's got laughs, its got tears and it's a surprisingly touching look at depression and its impact on families and loved ones.

A quiet little movie, it made me care about these characters and gets a B.

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