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The Last Exorcism Part II

Well, you have to give some credit to the producers for having the hutzpah to make a sequel to a movie called The Last Exorcism.

The original was a fairly clever spin on the "found footage documentary" horror flick, telling the story of a debunking exorcist out to prove that all his previous shows were fakes.

Unfortunately, he ran into farm girl Nell, who turned out to be seriously possessed.

Well, leave clever at the door, because this sequel takes Nell (Ashley Bell, the best thing about the film) and places her in a girls home to recover, where the demon acts more like Freddy Krueger or Jason in terrorizing the residents.

It's all pretty silly, doesn't have too many real scares and only serves to remind you how much better the first film was than this trash.

Not scary, not good. Looks like the last exorcism worked, the second coming of this series will thankfully be the last. Only scares up a D.

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