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The Day After Tomorrow

Updated: Apr 24

Writer/Director Roland Emmerich loves to destroy major American cities in his movies and in 2004's THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, he takes that mission worldwide with some pretty spectacular effects.

Dennis Quaid is Jack Hall, a weather scientist being ignored as he pleads with Washington that the world's climate is about to change.

When toaster size hail begins to rain down in Japan and The USA and water temps in the ocean drop 15 degrees in a week, folks begin to pay attention.

Jake Gyllenhaal plays Hall's son Sam, in Manhattan for a college competition when the oceans surge and NYC is submerged in about 40 feet of water.

Emmy Rossum is Jake's girlfriend, Ian Holm is good as Dr Rapson, suffering the world's changes in the UK and a cast of many gets frozen, drenched and generally beat down by Mother Nature.

The effects are really well done, most of the dialogue is a touch above usual disaster movie standards and Quaid is great in the leading role.

When you see a full size ship floating past the New York Public Library, chances are you've had better days. Top that off with a hurricane size weather front with an eye that drops temps 100 degrees in less than a minute and you've got some serious survival issues.

A fast moving, escapist disaster flick with jaw dropping effects. If you love these sort of things, it's an icy blast of fun and mayhem. We'll ice it with a B.

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