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The Bourne Legacy

A worthy extension (not exactly a sequel or reimagining) of The Bourne film series, THE BOURNE LEGACY features an excellent new hero in Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross. Built on the events in the first three films starring Matt Damon, Legacy tracks new agent Cross as he battles his own agency, who has decided to shut down the entire Treadstone project. Tony Gilroy, writer of the first 3 films, writes and directs here and does an excellent job, bringing the same globe trotting editing and adventure of the initial trilogy to an exciting new story. Scott Glenn, Edward Norton and David Strathairn revisit their characters from the earlier films. Renner is a worthy successor to Damon, very believable in all the action sequences. The climactic foot/car/motorcycle chase in the film is excellent and the ending sets up a new potential trilogy. Great music score by James Newton Howard. The film nicely continues the intelligent action expected and lives up nicely to the Bourne Legacy of the earlier films. A-

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