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Still Alive

If you're in the mood to see a ton of clips of seventies TV, Movies and music, you are going to love this documentary loaded with film and clips.

Filmmaker Stephen Kessler connected as a young boy in the seventies with songwriter/singer/actor Paul Williams.

When he started to explore creating a film to memorialize the singer, he was shocked to find out that Williams is still very much with us!

PAUL WILLIAMS, STILL ALIVE chronicles Kessler's attempts to interview Williams. It's a testy relationship at first, but WIlliams and his wife and band slowly allow Kessler into their circle. The results are powerful.

Williams was given a growth hormone as a young boy and it served the opposite purpose, halting his growth. Appearing much younger than he was, Williams grew up looking for acceptance.

Williams discovers his gift for songwriting and becomes a huge music industry star. The film shows hundreds of clips of the era, from The Carpenters performing Williams first mega-hit he wrote, "We've Only Just Begun" to his Academy Award win for "Evergreen" which he wrote with Barbra Streisand for "A Star Is Born".

Williams was on Johnny Carson over 50 times, starred in a Planet of the Apes film and Brian DePalma's legendary flop "Phantom of the Paradise".

The roller coaster ride of fame, fueled by Williams insecurities launch a deep dive into drug and alcohol addiction. Williams disappeared into his addiction for over a decade.

As the director narrates his journey with Williams across the globe, from the Philippines where he still a HUGE star, to his California home, where he is nearly unrecognized, Williams emerges as a man with a lot to say about fame, family and addiction.

The film is really engrossing, enjoyable and in the end, powerful.

Williams may be short in stature, but he stands tall on the lessons he conveys. Still Alive gets a B.

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