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1973's SCORPIO is an interesting little spy thriller with international locations, a strong cast and plenty of twists and turns.

Burt Lancaster stars as Cross, a long time spy who has targeted foreign political figures for assasination and pulled the trigger for the CIA for decades.

Cross often works with a French agent Laurier, played by Alan Delon. When the agency suddenly orders Laurier to kill Cross, their loyalties are tested and both men are faced with no way out.

Lancaster and Delon are both great in their roles and Lancaster is especially impressive doing plenty of running, chasing and action stunts on his own.

Paul Scofield is terrific as Zharkov, a Russian operative with loyalties to Cross.

Director Michael Winner (Death Wish, The Mechanic) keeps things moving quickly, the dialogue is clever and you'll be guessing to the end who will survive this cat and mouse game.

We'll give Scorpio a solid B.

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