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Itsy Bitsy

Plenty of fun as a modern take on those 50's giant spider movies, ITSY BITSY is a grin-inducing diversion about a very nasty spider.

Like "Arachnophobia", our spider has its roots in South America, with ill fated adventurous types leaving a trail of death behind them in acquiring a tribal urn with some nasty contents.

The opening title sequence and music during the tribal scenes are better than you'd expect for a low budget creature feature, setting the right tone.

We meet an aging collector in a small town named Walter (the reliably good Bruce Davidson) and watch as the urn arrives for his collection....that cant be good.

Meanwhile, young single Mom, Kara (Elizabeth Roberts) is on her way to care for Walter with her two children as a live in nurse.

It's clear that she's been through a lot, appears to have a painkiller addiction and a whole lot of anxiety.

Her son Jess (Arman Darbo, a young actor to watch) and his younger sister Cambria (Chloe Perrin) seem to be too independent for their age and are left to set up the house a short walk from Walter's main home.

I think its safe to say we all know what's in the urn, that its going to get out and creep all around the houses at night and during the day.

What I didnt expect is the graphic nature of some of the spider attacks and the peril that the film was willing to put the children into.

Like "It", the tension is a lot greater when kids are in the line of attack and new Director Micah Gallo puts them smack in the range of those 8 legs and 2 very nasty fags.

I also didn't expect some of the family drama and realistic emotions around loss and addiction.

The special effects are good, the photography is very good and the acting is strong for a low budget, independent horror flick.

Denise Crosby (Pet Sematary) is the local Sheriff and Treva Etienne (Pirates of the Caribbean) is our adventurer bearing gifts.

There are occasional moments of dialogue that clunk and continuity errors that are a tad jarring, but for a small budget, independent film, it looks great and offers some good tension, a couple jump scares and plenty of fantasy/horror fun for a late night scare.

ITSY BITSY is more than a little enjoyable and gets a B-movie appropriate B-.

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