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Dark Skies

Well isn't this a creepy little flick. Derivative, fairly predictable but always interesting, DARK SKIES is an entertaining escape.

Keri Russell and Josh Hamilton star as a couple struggling with job changes but somehow able to afford a picture perfect two story house in an upscale neighborhood (apply movie logic here). It's not long before they appear to be marked for visitations by visitors from far, far away.

There are many moments you could call homages (or direct rip-offs depending on your generosity) from SIGNS, CLOSE ENCOUNTERS and the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY film series, but they are executed pretty well and add some nice scares along the way.

The child actors are all good and you have to credit producer Jason Blum (Insidious, Sinister, Paranormal series) with crafting yet another low budget, high impact scary thriller.

Fun scares abound.

If you hate birds, you are really gonna hate this movie.

A fun, suspenseful little horror thriller that scares up a B- for us.

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