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Bone Tomahawk

Almost impossible to describe and deftly dancing the line between western and horror film, 2015's BONE TOMAHAWK is a one-of-a-kind experience that will linger with you long after its over.

Kurt Russell keeps his wild "Hateful 8" beard and mustache as small town lawman Sheriff Hunt. His part time deputy is the aging Chicory, perfectly played by superb actor Richard Jenkins (The Shape of Water, Step Brothers).

When a dodgy drifter (David Arquette) wanders into town burying secrets, he sets a chain of events to life that sees a mysterious and very lethal tribe of cannibalistic cave dwelling Indians steal into town.

They take several people, including the town doctor Samantha played by Lili Simmons (True Detective, Banshee). Samantha is married to Arthur (Patrick Wilson) who's laid up with a broken leg.

Arthur, the Sheriff & deputy, and successful business man (and former flame of Samantha's) Brooder and a guide head out to find Samantha and bring her back.

Brooder is well played by Matthew Fox (Jack Shephard on TV's "Lost") in his best role since that iconic TV character.

There are echoes of John Ford's "The Searchers" with our group of battered everyman heroes in search of a kidnapped loved one, but new writer/director S. Craig Zahler turns this movie into something much more modern, haunting, grisly and shockingly bloody as our band nears their target.

Russell is perfect as the Sheriff, bound by duty and committed regardless of the horrors he witnesses. The cannibal tribe is brutal in their methods and their first killing in the cave is a jaw dropper of graphic horror, more slasher film than western.

The dialogue is terrific, the characters well painted by this talented cast and the locations well used.

There were times in this movie I didn't know where the hell it was going. I started to worry that this was a lower budget "Cowboys and Aliens" knockoff, but it never takes the wrong road.

BONE TOMAHAWK is a bloody, suspenseful, scary little masterpiece of horror, blended with a classic western. It defines an easy fit into any category, which makes it all the more appealing.

If you don't like graphic violence, dont watch this one. But if you can handle it, saddle up for an intense ride that gets a B+.

I never want to hear that freaky call coming out of the caves ever again....

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