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Bible Storyland

This quirky little documentary about an everyday Joe obsessed with a failed 60's Disneyland like bible park is fascinating, weightless and interesting as hell.

Speaking of hell, One of the rides at Bible Storyland was going to be a boat ride to Hell, but I digress.

Art dealer Harvey Jordan discovers some original sketches by a Disney designer that capture a failed construction project in California for a theme park to rival Disneyland. Called Bible Storyland, its a big concept, a big dream and obviously never gets built.

Harvey becomes obsessed with uncovering the details and you discover them along with him as a camera crew follows his quest.

After awhile, his wife is furious that all he does is chase information about the park all day while she works and takes care of the house. It's a surprisingly open portrait, following them as lead after lead dies, people he can't wait to talk to know absolutely nothing and some of the interviews he does get on camera are from some hilariously eccentric folks as his marriage sinks lower and lower.

This is not a religious movie, its a documentary about Harvey's obsession and features fascinating behind the scenes peeks at early Disneyland, sixties California history and a grand but ultimately failed vision.

Winner of Best Documentary at several film festivals,it's a fun movie told with lots of vintage photos and footage, animated sequences and a long sequence of Harvey being forced to pick up all the pot belly pig poop in the backyard.

And that's a lot funnier (and more tragic) than it sounds. Well done and entertaining, I swear on Bible Storyland! We'll give it a B.

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