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A View to a Kill

Roger Moore officially overstayed his welcome by one film with the dismal OO7 entry from 1985, A VIEW TO A KILL.

Starting off with a decent pre-title sequence that is ruined when the filmmakers choose to play the Beach Boys over a key stunt moment, the first forty minutes of the film are boring.

James Bond is investigating horse racing!

It hardly seems worthy of Her Majesty's secret service, but it gives the aging Lois Maxwell a reason to wear a big hat and moon over James.

Eventually the horse leads us to industrialist Max Zorin, played with strange, maniacal ticks by Christopher Walken. His loyal henchwoman is Mayday, played by Grace Jones, who makes Walken's acting choices seem positively dull. She overemotes every emotion as if she is in a play and worried the back row doesn't know what she's feeling.

By the time master thespian Tanya Roberts enters the scene and screams and whines "James!" forty different ways, you are begging for the mess to end.

As always, the Bond producers deliver some terrific action set pieces, including a free fall jump off the Eiffel Tower, a battle on top of the Golden Gate Bridge and an underground mine set on the scale of the volcano from "You Only Live Twice".

Without a story though, the whole thing falls flat and you're left watching an uncomfortably older Moore bed beautiful women in their 20's...awkward....

Duran Duran's title song and John Barry's score are 80's greats, but Moore's last film as Bond is just a tired, boring retread of every Bond film before it.

The series next film would deliver Timothy Dalton in a much more serious take on the role, which after this goofy mess was beyond welcome.

The only view from here is mediocrity and for me, it ranks as the second worst official Bond film of all time after "Moonraker" and gets a C.

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