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Matthew McConaughey delivers a gold-standard performance as a never say die prospector in GOLD.

Kenny Wells is the son of a successful miner/oil man and driven to find his own victories. As his prospects grow dim and the financial collapse of 2007 takes all of his backers out of the market, Wells drinks more and sells less.

After a visionary dream, he hocks his wife's jewelry from better times and heads to South America, where he meets a cutting edge geologist.

Michael Acosta (Edgar Ramirez in a terrific performance) has new methods and a scientific hunch. Paired with Wells, their determination leads to a massive gold strike in the middle of the Amazon.

But the real story happens after the strike and its best left for you to discover. What unfolds is based on a true story and its so crazy it MUST be true.

Ramirez and McConaughey are great together as two very opposite men that share only an incredible drive to succeed.

Writer/Director Stephen Gaghan (Syrianna) creates an adventure/character study that's intriguing from its opening scenes.

Like "The Founder" our man in the spotlight drinks too much, is too emotional for his own good, but earns respect through his undying push.

Bryce Dallas Howard is very good as Wells' wife, who sees the hazards of huge success coming well before they run over Wells.

McConaughey gained about 45 lbs for the role and its an unflattering portrayal of a very flawed man with an impeccable commitment to loyalty.

With a great soundtrack of the era and flashes of comedy along with the drama, McConaughey strikes GOLD with another great performance, earning the film a solid B.

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