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In 1979, movie audiences flocked to see Dudley Moore explode into a big star in Blake Edwards 10.

Dudley had played a small role in "Foul Play" with Chevy Chase & Goldie Hawn, but this was his first leading role and he makes the most of it.

Moore stars as Oscar winning Hollywood music composer George Webber.

He's living with movie star Samantha (Julie Andrews a very long way from "Sound of Music" and terrific) in a perfect Beverly Hills home, but as he celebrates his 42nd birthday, he begins to question everything about life and love.

By chance, he passes a bride and groom on their way to a wedding. She's the perfect 10, and well played by Bo Derek in her first movie role.

George becomes obsessed, which leads to some of the era's best physical and verbal comedy as he chases the new bride, Jenny, across plenty of hills, roads and a country or two.

Moore's trip to the dentist and pratfalls after he mixes pain pills with bourbon are hilarious. His runs across the hot sand of Mexico are even better, flying at top speed from towel to towel and at one point accepting a piggyback ride from a waiter to the water.

Writer/Director Edwards has made some great comedies including the Peter Sellers Pink Panther films, Victor/Victoria and a lesser known favorite of mine, SOB.

I remembered this as a comedy, and was surprised revisiting it nearly 40 years after it's release (WOW! 40 years!) how much serious dialogue Edwards weaves into the tale.

Andrews and Moore have some tense moments as his issues begin to undermine their relationship and there's some very realistic talk about long term relationships and the "grass always being greener".

Some of the film's takes on women and gays haven't aged well, but it's a reflection of morals in the late 70's and it's frankly adult in its nudity and sexuality in a way that would be shocking if it were made today.

It's Derek's best role, she's beautiful, hard to pin down and she does just fine, as does Robert Webber as George's writing partner, Don Calfa as George's neighbor who's constantly throwing wild parties, the legendary Max Showalter as a priest who thinks he's a songwriter, Sam J Jones (THE Flash Gordon) as Jenny's new husband and Dee Wallace (ET, Cujo) as a one night stand in Mexico.

Brian Dennehy (First Blood, Cocoon) has one of his first movie roles as a bartender who pours George enough scotch to kill a much taller man.

Serious and seriously funny, 10 is still a blast and a great showcase for Moore's many talents. It's a lot darker than you remember and gets a B.

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