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If you're ever in the mood for a good old fashioned war movie, with great model effects (that's pre CGI kids) a good story and a strong cast, 1971's ZEPPELIN fills the bill nicely.

Michael York stars as Geoffrey Richter-Douglas, who now lives in Scotland, but has high ranking family in Germany.

After discovering that his beautiful girlfriend is a German spy wanting him to come back to the homeland, Richter-Douglas reports this to his superiors in the army. They ask him to take her up on the offer, but actually spy for them on the development of WWI's biggest zeppelin ever, the LZ36.

York is good in the role, especially as he gets deeper and deeper into the mission and finds himself questioning his loyalty.

The scenes aboard the zeppelin are great and the model work is solid. There is plenty of action and I for one didn't know until the last scene which way Richter's loyalty would fall.

Elke Sommer is very good (and beautiful) as the wife of the aircraft designer drawn into the maiden mission heading for Scotland.

We'll give this smooth Zeppelin ride into old fashioned action a solid B.

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