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We're the Millers

If you're ready for an adult comedy with a great cast and a ton of laughs, light up WE'RE THE MILLERS.

It's decidedly non-family friendly and proud of it!

Jason Sudeikis stars as David, an aging, veteran pot dealer who suddenly finds himself robbed and out a lot of money and a LOT of weed.

His supplier Brad Gurdlinger (Ed Helms, very funny) lives in a fantastic Bond Villain like home complete with pet killer whale and gives David one way out. He must drive deep into Mexico to pick up a massive supply of pot in an RV and then bring it back across the border to Brad.

David uses all his selling skills and some good timing to convince his neighbors to accompany him and pretend to be his family as cover.

Rose O'Reilly is a foul mouthed stripper who will dress like Laura Petrie and pretend to be his wife. Jennifer Aniston is nasty and very funny as Rose and her very dirty game of Pictionary with fellow campers is a hilarious highlight.

Neighbor Kenny is the faux son and Will Poulter is very funny as an innocent white kid with a talent for rap and a very bad reaction to spider bites.

Emma Roberts rounds out the family as the faux teenage daughter, hiding her troubled runaway past to help David and get a cut of the profits.

Sudeikis is non-stop funny and there are more hilarious bits than you can stop and count during the mission to Mexico.

Hide the kids, buckle up and get ready to laugh. You've never seen a family quite this "wrong".

We'll give the Millers a B. Watch out for spiders!!!!!

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