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Tony Rome

After watching the HBO documentary of Frank Sinatra last week, it was great to get on iTunes and download the 1967 Sinatra drama TONY ROME.

Frank is at the height of cool here as a rough and tumble private detective that lives on a yacht, seems to get beat up at least three times a week (but gives as good as he gets) and has beautiful women falling out of his pockets.

Sinatra is effortless and surprisingly good as he agrees to help a wealthy Florida man track down his missing daughter. When the girl turns up, she hires Tony Rome to track down a piece of missing jewelry and the mystery really starts to heat up.

This is pure 1960's on film. From the opening shots of Sinatra on his yacht with a cocktail and Nancy Sinatra belting out the title tune telling "Mothers to tuck their daughters in cause Tony Rome will get em if ya don't look out", this screams rat pack cool.

Jill St. John is terrific as a rich party girl, Gena Rowlands is great as the wife of wealthy construction magnate Rudy (Simon Oakland) and Richard Conte plays Lt. Santini, who is the only man keeping Rome out of jail.

This was followed by a sequel "Lady in Cement" with Sinatra back as Tony the following year and co-starring Raquel Welch. I have to find that one!

Tony Rome is a ton of fun and gets a nostalgic A.

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