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Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Oh man my head hurts.

I know the pain isn't from the heavy hitting, all star cast in TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY. They are excellent, across the board.

Gary Oldman leads the pack as George Smiley, who is attempting to identify which member of senior British Intelligence is actually a Russian mole.

He is surrounded by a wide cast of suspects and fine actors, including Colin Firth, John Hurt, Tony Jones, and Ciaran Hinds all great in their roles.

Benedict Cumberpatch, so terrific in BBC's Sherlock series and soon to be a massive US star thanks to the new Star Trek film is a standout as Peter, one of Smiley's few allies in his quest to find the spy. Tom Hardy (Bane in The Dark Knight series) is excellent as a pivotal pawn in the mystery.

Nope, its not the acting.

My head hurts trying to figure out this puzzle inside a puzzle. I've watched this twice and I still don't get it and I LOVE this kind of movie.

I understand the major plot points, I get the ending, but I think after another 98 viewings, so much of the middle would still be gray.

Is that intentional from director Tomas Alfredson (Let The Right One In)?

It would have been a lot more enjoyable to me with some sort of momentum, some increase in speed at SOME point. I think back to how Spielberg created fantastic tension and adrenaline in a similar story with "Munich" and Tinker, Tailor left me wanting more of that energy.

It's well done on every level, but it's too glacier paced and muddled for me to give this puzzle anything better than a B-.

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