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The Wrong Missy

Need a good laugh?

Come on, we ALL need some humor right now. We laughed pretty hard at David Spade's new comedy THE WRONG MISSY on Netflix.

Spade was always at his best on film when he had the perfect straight man beside him. That equation was perfectly embodied in his partner Chris Farley in "Tommy Boy".

The magic in this new film is comedienne Lauren Lapkus (Orange is The New Black) as Missy. She's all-in and go for broke, like some twisted reincarnation of an early Jim Carrey with less filters.

Spade meets her on a dating app match from hell. Crude, loud, bizarre beyond belief, Spade ends up climbing out a bathroom window to escape her. By the end of that scene, you know these two are going to deliver the goods. Our faces hurt from laughing.

When Tim (Spade) bumps into a beautiful woman, also named Missy, at an airport, they bond over drinks and seemingly have everything in common. The perfect match?

With an upcoming company retreat in Hawaii, Tim decides to invite his gorgeous new friend to Hawaii to get to know her better.

But oops, he texts the wrong Missy and the film is off to the races as the VERY WRONG in every way Missy shows up on the flight and creates a tornado of hilarious destruction everywhere she goes.

There are plenty of laugh out loud moments. My favorites are Missy's very poorly executed cliff dive ("She's still alive!!") and the worst shark diving excursion in history.

Adam Sandler produced the film and his usual cast of characters are all aboard, hilariously so.

Nick Swardson is the most foul, laugh-out-loud HR department head of all time. Rob Schneider all but steals the movie as the Quint-like boat captain who has lost more than a few fingers to sharks but makes great use of his club hand.

Sandler's wife Jackie is surprisingly good as a Barracuda division head gunning for Tim, Molly SImms (Las Vegas) is the right Missy and dramatic actor Geoff Pierson (24, Dexter) shows he is equally adept with comedy as the company President who seems to fall under Missy's spell.

Lapkus is a find. She blends Robin Williams' rapid patter comic delivery with Melissa McCarthy's physical comedy to create one of the craziest characters I've ever seen. She's a one-woman wrecking crew for every hotel employee, hotel guest or retreat party goer in her wide, swerving path.

Spade plays off her perfectly, with quiet, smart asides that all land.

If the ending becomes a bit too predictable, it's forgiven by the manic energy that preceded it.

It's fast, foul and fun.

Whatever Lapkus does next, I'm watching it. THE WRONG MISSY delivers a hilarious B.

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