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The Witch

It's the 1600's and Puritanical father William is being forced from his settlement with his family, exiled because of his constant challenges of the church.

Little does he know that his family has chosen to relocate in an idyllic spot near a forest that's home to THE WITCH.

Or is it?

Soon after their home and barn are built, oldest daughter Thomasin is watching her new baby sister when she disappears before her eyes.

Her twin siblings constantly torment the goats and sing bizarre rhymes, while her brother Caleb finds himself driven by new urges.

As odd events escalate, their pious father William entrenches them in a rigid faith, while their mother begins to struggle with their fate.

This moody, interesting film based on classic New England fables, brings the period to life in all its desperation, rigid morals and repressed sexuality, while nicely building the longest, slow burn building of suspense I've seen in awhile.

As the secluded family begins to turn on each other in vain attempts to explain the strange events around them, the tension and sadness is palpable.

It's very well played by actors unknown to me, especially Ralph Inenson (The Kingsmen) as William, Kate Dickie (who I remember from some Game of Thrones episodes) and young newcomer Anya Taylor-Joy as Thomison.

There were moments where I wondered if this was going to be another "Blair Witch Project", low budget horror with no real payoff, but I was wrong.

THE WITCH delivers a powerful, suspenseful conclusion that leaves you wondering, immersed and a bit disturbed.

THE WITCH scares up a solid B.

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