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The Seventh Sign

1988's The Seventh Sign is an 80's horror/thriller in the vein of "The Omen" starring a young Demi Moore as a woman carrying a baby.........well, we'll let you discover that. In addition to Demi and lots of late 80's big hairdoos, Jurgen Prochnow stars as a man who appears at the sight of an increasing number of biblical prophecies. He stands by the ocean, all the fishes die. Jurgen takes a boat ride in a river, it turns to blood, you get the gig. Soon, he shows up to rent the garage apartment owned by Demi and her lawyer husband Michael Biehn (Aliens, The Abyss). Lots of dead birds, earthquakes and tense moments ensue. Fun in an 80's way, surprising in its frank nudity of a very pregnant Demi and featuring a satisfying if predictable climax, The Seventh Sign is a decent but somewhat dated thriller. B-

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