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The Possession

Sam Raimi's Ghost House productions is terrific at cranking out a solid scary movie every fall like clockwork. 2012's fall entry is THE POSSESSION. Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Kyra Sedgwick are good as a recently separated couple whose daughter becomes obsessed with an old elaborate box that she finds at a garage sale. With Hebrew carvings on the outside and no obvious way to open the box, the "dybbuk box" is meant to keep something in. Em (Natasha Calls in a very good performance) soon opens the box and unleashes a very nasty little demon. If you're looking for some nice scares, good special effects and a suspenseful 90 minutes, "The Possession" fills the bill. Hebrew Singer/Rapper Matisyahu is surprisingly good as the son of a Powerful rabbi that comes to the parent's aide in fighting the demon. Not nearly as scary as "Insidious" but well done. Check out the recent behind the scenes article in Entertainment Weekly about the TRUE STORY of a dybbuk box and the effect it had on the chain of people it was passed to in recent years. It's an intriguing and titillating real life story that served as the film's premise. The Possession delivers some fun, solid scares. B

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