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The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad

1988's THE NAKED GUN is a flat out hilarious spoof of your standard TV cop show. What makes it so damn popular (and a big box office success that inspired two sequels) is Leslie Nielsen playing against type in a LOL deadpan performance as Lt. Frank Drebin. Hapless, clueless and oblivious, Nielsen drives many, many laugh out loud moments. Ricardo Montalban plays it straight as the bad guy and Priscilla Presley is at her best as his assistant. Nielsen and Presley's romantic montage is a highlight, as are Drebin's long visit to the bathroom while wearing a live microphone at a press conference, Frank's gymnastic entrance to his apartment and his appearance as an international opera star butchering the national anthem. "Nice Beaver. Thanks, I just got it stuffed." This is a damn funny movie from the makers of "Airplane" and "Top Secret". Don't miss a hilarious scene with OJ Simpson facing a barrage of bad guys at the docks, including my friend Tom Dugan as "Drug Dealer #2". Good stuff Tom! The Naked Gun gets an A+.

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