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The Man with Two Brains

One hell of a funny movie from the same team that had made "The Jerk" four years earlier, THE MAN WITH TWO BRAINS is filled with crazy laughs and physical comedy.

Steve Martin stars as Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr ( and you BETTER pronounce it right) the world's leading brain surgeon and lonely widower.

When his path crosses the evil, black widow con woman Dolores (Kathleen Turner in full-on "Body Heat" sexy mode) his life quickly spins out of control.

Every scene is filled with clever and/or ridiculously dumb dialogue, perfectly executed physical comedy and Steve Martin at its center, holding everything together with a hilarious performance.

Any film that features "screw-top brain surgery", Turner holding off on consummating her marriage to Martin for so long that her sheer touch makes him shiver, a famous TV personality as a serial killer, Sissy Spacek voicing a disembodied brain named Anne Uumellmahaye that falls in love with Martin, David Warner as Dr Necessiter, a mad scientist and a demonstration of a citizen's divorce has my full respect.

Turner and Martin are great together, I have no idea how they stopped from laughing during their scenes together.

Director Carl Reiner (The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Jerk) gets the most out of every look and every comedy beat and was one of Martin's best directors on film.

Watch for Paul Benedict as Warner's butler, the scene with the hooker who should never speak and Martin performing the toughest drunk driving test on the planet.

The set design is terrific too, with Warner's Vienna apartment a whole lot larger inside than it looks from the entrance, genius!

Laugh out loud funny from start to finish, for me it's one of Martin's best films and gets a B.

"Get that cat out of here!!"

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