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The Kid Stays in the Picture

Based on Robert Evans 1994 autobiography, THE KID STAYS IN THE PICTURE is a hilarious insider's look at Hollywood through the giant tinted glasses of one of the towns most famous producers.

We see Evans during his brief stint as an actor and then watch as his career as a producer explodes.

His first film as executive producer was "The Godfather" and his behind the scenes stories about war to have Brando cast and his legendary battles with writer/director Francis Ford Coppola are hilariously entertaining.

Add to that his stories on "Chinatown", "Marathon Man", "Black Sunday" and mix in all his personal takes on his affairs with Mia Farrow, stealing Ali McGraw from Steve McQueen and many leading ladies of the screen and you have a very entertaining story with a great storyteller at the helm.

He's arrogant, stubborn and full of himself, all of which he will gladly admit, but damned if he doesn't spin an addictive story of his life.

Evans was the first actor to ever run a film studio when he took over Paramount in the seventies and unleashed an incredible string of hits.

Evans is just as open about his spiral downward from the top, fueled by cocaine and a string of flops, he falls as fast as he rose and the story is equally as interesting on either side of the mountaintop.

It's quite a life and it's entertaining as hell to relive it with him in this 2002 documentary. The kid does indeed belong in the pictures and we'll give him and his fascinating tale a solid B.

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