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The Heat

Foul, Fast and Funny, THE HEAT made me laugh from beginning to end. There is no funnier physical comedian today than Melissa McCarthy. Like a one woman wrecking crew, she seems willing to destroy her body for a great laugh. In the opening scene, she chases a perp over a chain link fence and takes one of the funniest falls I've seen in a movie since Monty Python.

Melissa is a rough, street wise Boston Cop paired with uptight, by-the-book NYC detective Sandra Bullock in pursuit of a very bad guy.

Bullock holds her own against McCarthy and her transformation from prim and proper to a proper match for her new partner is a lot of fun to watch.

Comedy faves Jane Curtin (SNL), Michael McDonald (Mad TV) Bill Hader and Taran Killiam from the current cast of SNL are all hilarious.

This is foul mouthed, hilarious action at its best with just the right touches of suspense and sweet to balance out the raunch.

Enough funny lines for a couple movies. My bet is Melissa McCarthy did about a hundred takes of her scenes and that every one was pretty funny with about 99 of them improv. Can't wait to see the outtakes on blu ray.

The Heat is a hoot that get's a solid B.

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