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The Green Berets

If you want to see a 1968 movie that hasn't held up very well, John Wayne's "The Green Berets" is your flick. Ridiculously simplistic take on the Vietnam War with some of the worst acting I've seen in years. This one is a major league stinker. I can only imagine how out of touch this was even back in 1968. David Janssen is the reporter who the Duke manages to convert, George Takei redeems himself but most of the cast is just dated and bad. At one point a helicopter got hit with a missile and a foot long model on wires has a firecracker going off in it. I know it was 1968, but so was "2001" and those effects are STILL brilliant. This is just lazy, goofy, poorly written, overlong tripe. The Berets get a D.

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