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The French Connection

1971's THE FRENCH CONNECTION is a terrific thriller based on a true story. New York City detectives Popeye Doyle and Buddy Russo (in great performances by Gene Hackman and Roy Scheider) start following a low level thief that leads them to one of the biggest narcotic busts in history. Even though the majority of the film is us watching Hackman watch the criminals, director William Friedkin (The Exorcist) builds great suspense and takes us along for the ride. Hackman's now classic car chase in pursuit of a sniper on an elevated subway car is a thriller. Knowing that Friedkin filmed it "guerilla style" with no film permits and using mostly handheld cameras makes it all the more exciting today. Winner of 5 Academy Awards including BEST Picture, BEST Director for Friedkin and BEST Actor for Hackman, The French Connection is a timeless A+ and screams its way to my Top 100 of all time.

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