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The Equalizer

Denzel Washington delivers as a secretive, violent action hero in 2014's THE EQUALIZER. Reunited with his "Training Day" director Antoine Fuqua, Washington fires on all cylinders as Robert McCall.

Quiet but friendly co-worker at a Home Depot store by day, McCall spends his sleepless nights reading the classics at a local diner.

His mannerisms are intense and specific, with every fork and knife in place, every pen placed with OCD precision on the table.

When he observes a young prostitute that's also a regular at the all night diner being abused, McCall feels the need to come to her defense.

While he attempts to leave it at that, the violence explodes around him like ripples, bringing more confrontation to his door step and forcing him to emerge from hiding as the efficient killing machine that he is.

Is he good? Is he bad? Half of the great enjoyment of the film is letting those questions unfold so you wont find any spoilers here.

Suffice to say that Denzel is in fine form as McCall, bringing great believability and depth to this troubled, violent man who can defend himself against all odds.

Detractors of the film said that it glorified the very violence that McCall is hoping to run from, but as an action film, it's pure energy and explosive momentum as Denzel takes on an ever growing army of adversaries.

Like Liam Neeson in his action roles, having a great actor like Denzel as the central figure lends credibility to the entire exercise.

Similar to Michael Mann's "Heat" it also includes one of the best quiet conversations in a restaurant you'll ever see between enemies, as two men primed to ignite at any moment quietly discuss their fate. Here, the scene is between Russian enforcer Teddy (Marton Csokas, very good) and McCall, as neither backs down from their path.

Chloe Grace Moretz is also good as young Teri, who serves as the catalyst that pulls McCall out of hiding.

Not always original, but very well executed, THE EQUALIZER and Washington kick some serious ass. This is a fast, furious, uber violent and enjoyable action flick that pounds out a very solid B.

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