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The Curse of La Llorona

The Producers of "The Conjuring" films continue their hit streak with the spooky and enjoyable entry THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA.

A social worker (the always terrific Linda Cardellini) and her young children find themselves under a vicious curse from a legendary demon spirit who feeds on children.

Like in "It", her kids find themselves the main target of La LLorona, who can appear anywhere and yank you into some pretty terrifying danger.

It's R rated fun, loaded with jump scares and close up horror. Luckily for Anna (Cardellini) and her kids, a renegade former priest specializes in battling La Llorona, operating without the cloth but loaded with one-liners and bravado.

Rafael (Raymond Cruz from "Better Call Saul") is a bad ass demon fighter and loads the last half of the film with laughs, some intrigue and some pretty vicious hands on battles with the gruesome title character.

The kids are well cast, even through the script makes them do silly things that no kid would ever do.

Don't go near that pool!

Don't go in that dark room!

Hell, that's half the fun.

It's not up to the level of The Conjuring films, but its a reliably enjoyable scary flick for a Friday night.

Fans should look for subtle references to Annabelle. With nearly $60 million in ticket sales against a $9M budget, look for plenty more entrees in the Conjuring universe to haunt theatres for years to come.

Ay dios mio, this one made me jump more than a couple times!

LLorona scares up a B-.

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