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The Blind Side

Revisiting the 2009 box-office smash THE BLIND SIDE just before the kickoff of the 2016 NFL season, it holds up perfectly and still provides plenty of inspiration and enjoyment.

Sandra Bullock has never been one of my favorites, but she's terrific here as successful Texan, Leigh Anne Tuohy.

Smart, caring and strong, Leigh Anne is mother to son SJ and daughter Collins. When Leigh and her husband Sean (country singer Tim McGraw in a good performance) see a huge figure walking through the rain one night, they recognize him as Michael Oher, a fellow student at their kids school.

Leigh and Sean bring him home and discover that Michael is living on his own, saddled with an absent father and a drug & alcohol fueled mother with no parental instincts.

Michael is quiet, smart and HUGE, showing real talent on the football field, which can get you a LONG way in the Friday Night Lights of Texas.

Quinton Aaron is fine as Michael, conveying quiet strength and great loneliness.

As the Tuohys build Michael's sense of worth and value, his talents truly emerge and he feels part of a family for the first time. The film nicely avoids the predictable during these sequences.

Leigh's determination to provide Michael EVERY opportunity to succeed, providing him tutors and confidence is a great story and the entire Tuohy family is inspiring in the way they open their hearts and home to Michael.

Bullock is really good here, as likable as she's ever been in a role that could have been overbearing in the wrong hands.

It's undoubtedly a Hollywood polishing of an inspiring TRUE story, but the heart of the story is powerful. It's been interesting since the movie was released to look for the real life Michael Oher, who still plays for the Carolina Panthers.

If you're looking for a feel-good, family-friendly movie for football fans or anyone that loves an inspiring tale, THE BLIND SIDE is a touchdown.

It gets a B.

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