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Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark (Broadway)

my verdict is in...saw "Spiderman" Turn Off the Dark" on Broadway tonight and it is a $65 million turd. What a horrible show. Everyone must have been afraid to tell Bono and the Edge that a musical should have at least one song that you enjoy listening to.... At one point, Spiderman was flying through the air all over the theatre battling the villain and landed literally next to me in the aisle. And I can sincerely say at that moment...I was bored. At intermission I thought, "maybe the second half is better.." WRONG. excruciatingly slow and dumb. Feel bad for the actors. They do the best they can, but with no plot and no songs, they really have nothing to do. This stinker is gonna close before the end of the year...if it ever officially opens......avoid it like the plague my friends. I just saved each of you $132.

A big smoldering F.

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