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In the early seventies, before Woody Allen felt the need to get serious, he was cranking out some of his best, funniest films, including the 1973 hit, SLEEPER.

Allen stars as Miles Monroe, who goes in for minor surgery and wakes up 200 years later in a future where sex is banned, tobacco has been discovered to be great for you and everyone follows the "supreme leader", who appears to be an old man with a dog.

Woody has some great lines as he tries to adapt to his new surroundings ("My doctor told me I'd wake up in 5 hours. He was off by 200 years!)

and the screenplay has lots of great one liners, but not much in the way of a story.

As Miles tries to meet with the underground, because everyone else seems to be chasing him as the "alien", he meets Diane Keaton as Luna, a wacky artist who joins him on his escape.

Keaton is so young, loose and funny here you can see why Woody soon adopted her as his muse on film for Annie Hall, Manhattan and his best work later in the 70's.

Watch for giant banana peels, the Orgasmatron and Woody's stint pretending to be robot, along with the scenes when Woody and Diane pretend to be doctors to clone the Supreme leader from all that's left of him...his nose.

It's wacky and silly, filled with physical comedy & clever dialogue and lots & lots of classic Woody.

As Allen says, it's a nostalgic look at the future that we'll slap with a B.

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