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Shaft's Big Score

1972's SHAFTS BIG SCORE is the sequel to SHAFT which kicked off the 70's blaxploitation film genre. Director Gordon Parks and writer Ernest Tidyman (The French Connection) return for the sequel and it is, by far, the best of the Shaft trilogy. The New York city of the early 70's seems as far away as the 1920's at this point, but the film really captures that gritty era in the big apple. Richard Roundtree is great as detective John Shaft, and he will keep you interested until the final 20 minutes, which is one BIG and exciting chase sequence. Director Gordon Parks has also written one of the best 1970's film soundtracks for the film, culminating in a 20 minute music cue called "Symphony for Shafted Souls" for the long chase climax. Everything you need to know about 70's action film music is in that symphony. Great stuff. Fun, DATED, exciting, as 1970's as a disco ball, SHAFT'S BIG SCORE scores a B for me.

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