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Save Yourselves!

Part Woody Allen-ish comedy, part "Mars Attacks" with a splash of classic "Star Trek", 2020's hilarious SAVE YOURSELVES! is a engaging fun.

Su (Sunita Mana) and Jack (John Reynolds) are a Millennial Brooklyn couple tied to their phones and pads, aware of their carbon footprint and they are complete snowflakes in the funniest & sweetest ways possible.

The two have great comic timing together, generating some laugh out loud moments in the opening sequences showing their everyday interaction.

After meeting a friend at the bar who has quit his corporate job to create better-for-the-Earth surfboards made out of algae (perfect in its self important delivery) Jack and Su decide to take him up on his offer of escaping for a full week to his cabin and unplugging from every electronic device.

Su's agenda is a week of self help sessions to rediscover key platforms of their relationship, while Jack just wants to prove to himself that he can do one "man thing" which he hilariously declares he has no concept of how to complete. At one point he says he is "so bad at man stuff, I can't even tell when a bathroom is dirty" and goes off on a list of things his brothers all assimilated from his Dad that are lost on him.

Lighting fires and canoeing also prove to be beyond the realm.

The whole unplugging week would be a great idea, but unfortunately, alien invaders have decided to arrive almost at the moment they shut off their phones.

The aliens are medicine ball size fur balls that look like Trek Tribbles on steroids. The filmmakers make the most of a small budget and deliver at every turn, surprising you with just how lethal those little pouffes really are.

At one millionth the budget of that crap Independence Day sequel a couple summers ago, its 1000 times more enjoyable.

I laughed a lot. Reynolds and Mani are perfectly cast and have great comic timing.

With the ending being what it is, I'd love to see the further adventures of these two. They clearly have further adventures ahead with their newly formed trio and a couple new skills.

SAVE YOURSELVES from the traditional and enjoy this mild, witty and enjoyable little sci-fi social commentary, but watch out for those pouffes!!!!!

It gets a B.

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