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Rambo: First Blood Part II

Back in 1985, Sylvester Stallone had one of his biggest box office hits with RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD PART II.

After the one man war he staged on law enforcement in the Pacific Northwest in 1982's "First Blood", this film opens three years later, with Rambo in prison.

He is released by the government and recruited by his lone friend in uniform Col. Trautman, well played by the always reliable Richard Crenna.

The mission takes him back to the jungles of Vietnam to rescue a newly discovered group of POWs.

Will Rambo resist the mission at first, not wanting to serve the government that imprisoned him?

Will Rambo inflict more damage on the jungle than a herd of Schwarzenegger battling Predator creatures?

Will some shady government operative double cross Rambo and cause Stallone to unleash a gargantuan can of whoop-ass in retaliation?


One doesn't watch Rambo for character development and interpersonal relationships.

You watch Rambo to see Stallone in full action mode, several hundred explosions and plenty of hand to hand combat.

On that mission front, this huge audience pleaser delivers the goods and then some.

Stallone is in fine action form from beginning to end, 80's stalwart Charles Napier has one of his best roles as Murdock, who crosses Rambo in cigar & scenery chewing style and Crenna is terrific in an entirely humorless role.

Jerry Goldsmith provides a rousing, full orchestra action music score that cranks up the action scenes to 12 and the entire film moves at a fast, fun full-on pace.

Nothing in the story will surprise you, except for how well it all comes together for summer action movie heaven.

Definitely a call back to the 80's in tone and story, RAMBO delivers the goods in one big, exploding, rocket launching, endless ammunition, body flying and Stallone grunting fest that we'll give a muscular B. My favorite guilty pleasure moments abound, all set to Goldsmith's pounding, excellent 80's action score.

Followed in 1988 by RAMBO III.

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