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A fascinating, deeply behind the curtain look at iconic music producer and composer Quincy Jones, QUINCY is a star studded tale of an amazing life.

Jones let's a camera crew track him, seemingly 24/7, as he hops the globe for appearances.

Well into his 80's now, the documentary does a superb job of moving back and forth from past to present. Jones' voice is present throughout as an unfiltered narrator of his own life.

His schizophrenic mother was committed when he was seven, leaving him and his siblings to survive on the streets of south Chicago.

Jones eventually finds his solace in music, becoming a talented trumpet player, joining Lionel Hampton's band and touring America. His stories of the blatant racism he and the band encounter are head shaking and clearly inspire the work Jones focuses on as he gets later in life.

A never ending parade of stars appear in entertaining clips. Frank Sinatra emerges as a brave warrior against racism, virtually changing the Las Vegas policy of black stars not being able to stay on the strip. Quincy's memories of Frank and their years together at Capitol Records are fantastic.

Jones guided Michael Jackson through his first solo album "Off The Wall" and right into "Thriller". Watching clips from the videos and 80's archival footage really takes you back!!

The film was produced by his daughter Rashida Jones (The Office) but doesn't shy away from the effect of his amazing career on his marriages.

Peggy Lipton (The Mod Squad) and Quincy were married for years. Watching their marriage dissolve as he immerses himself in producing the film of "The Color Purple" for two years is sad. Lipton's narration is unfiltered and powerful.

The subtitle of the film doc is " A Life Beyond Measure" and its an apt description. There's a nice balance of nostalgic clips and star moments, woven together with memories of where Jones came from in life.

When Jones wants to move into composing film music, Henry Mancini relates the story of a famous Hollywood director that called him and asked if "black people can write movie music". Mancini shares his astonishment at that question. It's head shaking and all too recent.

Quincy's triumphs are legendary, but the scenes I loved the most were the quiet one-on-one moments Jones grabs with current music stars, sharing key lessons from his life. Watching them take in his words is powerful.

Quincy is a two hour trip that covers 80 years of music & film, centered on a man who's got plenty to say. He's flawed, driven and warm.

Quincy gets a B.

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