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Friday the 13th

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

1980's FRIDAY THE 13TH kicked off the big slasher movie craze by making a fortune at the box office on a very small budget. I remember being barely into college and seeing this flick on a Friday night, surrounding by screaming coeds.

What's hilarious now is seeing the scenes I thought were so gory in 1980 that are now less graphic than a typical week on The Walking Dead.

A gaggle of young people gather at Camp Crystal Lake, sharing a love of the outdoors, a craving for weed and a shared horny attitude.

There's a killer on the loose that seems to really dislike anytime anyone makes out, showers, brushes their teeth or turns on a generator, as all those acts result in their brutal murders.

The flick is never suspenseful, never very scary but you have to give it a lot of credit for showing enough skin and scares to rope in an audience.

This was Kevin Bacon's first movie and he is by far the best actor on screen. I am betting he regrets the baby blue speedo...

Of course, being the best actor in this lot is not exactly an intimidating hurdle.....

Badly edited, goofy but ya gotta love that "chi, chi, chi, ah, ah ah" scary music.....

We'll give it a D but only because we need to leave ourselves room to move downward with the sequels, which get oh so much worse....

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