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Ocean's 11

A jackpot of 60's cool and Rat Pack suave, the original 1960 OCEANS 11 must have been as much fun to make as it is to watch.

Frank Sinatra is Danny Ocean, who brings together his WW2 army buddies for one HUGE Las Vegas heist.

Dean Martin is effortlessly cool as Sam, Sammy Davis Jr is surprisingly good as Josh, Peter Lawford provides a key piece of the plot as Jimmy and the gorgeous Angie Dickinson is Danny's estranged wife, Bea.

The boys want to knock off all 5 major casinos on the strip at two minutes after midnight on New Year's Eve.

It's a fun plan, cleverly set up and then unveiled on screen by our dynamic fivesome.

It's a blast to see how small scale Vegas was in 1960. The average Casino looks about the size of a current restaurant in 2018 Vegas!

The boys notoriously filmed all day, put on shows at night and then partied all night, showing back up for filming the next morning.

You can even see a marquee during the final moments with all of them putting on one show. How much would you pay to see THAT show!!

The ending is surprisingly clever, Henry Silva brings strong support as Roger and Cesar Romero (Joker on TV's "Batman") is terrific as Duke Santos, a mobster who seems to be a step ahead of the caper.

Anytime a character named Spyros comes on screen, the film suffers due to this unfunny, goofy character, but its a minor complaint.

If nothing else, Spyros gives you a chance to make another martini.

OCEANS 11 inspired the George Clooney remake and its sequels 41 years later, but for original cool, you can't beat the original.

OCEANS is groovy baby and gets a B.

Watch for a funny cameo by Shirley MacLaine and listen for some sharp comedic dialogue from Billy Wilder (Some Like It Hot, Sunset Boulevard) who did an uncredited polish on the screenplay as a favor to Sinatra, who gave Wilder a sketch by Pablo Picasso in return!

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