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Machete Kills

Hilariously over the top in every respect and dangerously close to being just as bad as the films it is spoofing, MACHETE KILLS made me laugh enough to forgive its more repetitive moments.

Continuing his ongoing tribute to Grindhouse action films of the seventies that he and Tarantino so perfectly paid tribute to in GRINDHOUSE, Writer/Director Robert Rodriguez brings back former agent and current man of destruction Machete. As played with grimacing menace by Danny Trejo, Machete is a Mexican James Bond, bedding beautiful women at every turn and slicing and dicing his way through more bad guys than Schwarzenegger at his peak.

Let's not bother with plot. Any film with Charlie Sheen as the President of the United States, Lady Gaga as a chameleon like killer who is also played by Cuba Gooding Jr, Sofia Vergara as a madam with a metal bra equipped with dual machine guns and Mel Gibson as a crazy super villain has my attention.

If this movie doesn't make you laugh out loud a lot, you are really missing the point.

The absolute highlight is the pre-feature trailer for the sequel to this film called Machete Kills Again In Space. The trailer is laugh out loud funny and bizarre and only when you start to realize by 2/3 of the way through THIS film that its spinning off into "Moonraker" territory do you realize that it really WAS a potential trailer for the next sequel.

Machete Kills died so badly at the box office that its VERY unlikely there will be a third film.

Rodriguez definitely is in sync with my strange sense of humor and love for bad 70's action flicks. Thanks to a cast that's obviously up for having a great time making fun of themselves, you will too if you love dumb laughs, lots of explosions, bad dialogue and cliche villains. It's an R-rated action blast.

Be warned, if you didn't like Grindhouse, the original Machete or cheap 70's action films, this is going to be a horrible experience for you..... "Machete don't care......" and gets a goofy, bloody B-.

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