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Grown Ups 2

I have always been somewhat disconnected with the public on Adam Sandler movies, detesting some of his earliest, biggest hits like Big Daddy and The Waterboy.

I agreed with the masses that Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore were pretty damn funny back in the day. Who doesn't love a great fist fight with Bob Barker, right?

Maybe lately, I just turn my brain off, get myself in the right teenage-boy-humor frame of mind in advance and set my standards low, but I've enjoyed the last couple films that critics and many have put in their 10 worst lists.

GROWN UPS 2 is completely idiotic and mindless, but made me laugh quite a bit.

After a great summer with his old buddies in the last film, Sandler decides to move his family back to his home town so they can raise the kids in a small town atmosphere near his lifelong buddies (Chris Rock, Kevin James, David Spade) and their families.

The plot is predictable but the cast is game, with James, Maya Rudolph, Tim Meadows and Jon Lovitz providing plenty of laughs.

The very twisted Nick Swardson almost steals the movie with every warped scene he's in and the sequence on the school bus made me laugh out loud.

Shaq, Steve Buscemi, Andy Samberg all add some laughs and Cheri Oteri brings lots of fun as a crazy woman who has fostered a crush for Sandler since high school.

It never elevates the humor beyond fart jokes, skinny dipping jokes and pratfall laughs, but the cast is obviously having a good time and plenty of brainless fun is served up for all.

The teenage boy in me gives Grown Ups 2 a B-.

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