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Enter the Dragon

The most successful kung fu/action movie ever released, 1973's ENTER THE DRAGON is still a lot of fast fun many years later.

Bruce Lee (in the last movie he completed filming before his untimely death) stars as a man hired to spy on a major martial arts tournament hosted by the evil Han, our villain hiding opium trade behind his business front.

He is joined at the tournament by two other men with their own reason to be on Han's island.

Jim Kelly is Williams, a man escaping racist policemen and seventies star John Saxon is Roper, visiting the island with his own agenda.

Producer Robert Clouse said he wanted to create a "Kung Fu James Bond" film and in many ways he succeeds.

Lee is excellent and the fighting and espionage scenes are first rate. Kelly has a ton of screen presence and brings light humor to the proceedings.

John Saxon comes off a bit like Roger Moore as 007 in "A View To A Kill", a bit too old and doughy to be believable in the combat scenes, but plenty of fun in the mean time.

Lalo Schifrin sets the whole movie to one of his best action scores. It keeps everything moving as fast as Lee's feet.

This is bubble gum, light seventies action from the peak of the early seventies kung fu craze.

Tons of fun from start to finish.

Hard to imaging how big of a star Lee would have been if he had carried on after this huge box office smash.

It gets a fist flying, high kicking B.

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