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Chariots of Fire

As the 2014 Winter Olympics wrap up tonight in Sochi, it's a great time to look back at 1981's Best Picture winner, CHARIOTS OF FIRE.

The film takes a detailed look at the British track team and their prep and participation in the 1924 Olympics.

Ben Cross stars as determined, serious Jewish athlete Harold Abrahams. He faces discrimination at nearly every turn, but channels his resolve into becoming the fastest man on the planet and gaining victory on the track.

Ian Charleson stars as Eric Liddell, a devout Christian who feels that he must win as a testament to his faith. As the story shows their quest for victory from their different perspectives and very different receptions from the fans, you realize they share one trait.

Neither is willing to bend from his devotion and faith in their quest to win.

A great supporting cast surrounds them, including Ian Holm as a cantankerous Italian trainer and Sir John Gielgud at his pompous best as a racist University Master.

Many scenes are taken to the next level by Vangelis award-winning and legendary musical score and the photography of David Watkin. Together, they turn a beach run into film legend.

The races are fast, the film is stately but never boring. The story draws you in quietly.

This was Director Hugh Hudson's first film and he followed it with "Greystoke, The Legend of Tarzan". After those two big hits, he just slipped away into much lesser films.

Academy Award winner for Best Picture, Music Score, Best Screenplay and Costume Design.

Chariots of Fire runs away (in slow motion) to a solid B.

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