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In 1962, the two best looking movie stars in the world got together and made a GREAT film, CHARADE. Cary Grant (in full Hitchcock North by Northwest/To Catch a Thief mode here) and Audrey Hepburn (fresh off Breakfast at Tiffany's) are charming, likable and a lot of fun playing off each other. Hepburn, planning on divorcing her husband in Paris, returns from a ski trip to find her husband missing and their apartment empty. Soon, she meets three of her husband's partners who are after a quarter million dollars he came into under questionable circumstances....and the film is off and running. James Coburn and George Kennedy provide strong support as two of the people after the cash, Walter Matthau is a CIA agent after the truth and Peter Stone's screenplay is the real star, providing witty, fast and fun dialogue for the entire film. Grant and Hepburn are at FULL star power here and make the whole affair look easy. It's hard to balance suspense, comedy and thrills this well, so sit back and enjoy. Charade is an unexpected A for me.

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