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Updated: Apr 26, 2023

1968's BULLITT defines "cool". The movies had been changed in the last half of the 60's by films like "Easy Rider" and traditional movie heroes like John Wayne were starting to fall out of favor at the box office. Enter Steve McQueen as Frank Bullitt, who doesn't play by the rules and pushes every limit while guarding a high profile Mob witness for a pending trial. BULLITT gets a lot of things perfect, including McQueen in a low key but strong role, Robert Vaughn as the politician you love to hate, Jacqueline Bisset as McQueen's girlfriend and one of the screen's greatest car chases through the hills and streets of San Francisco. For me, two huge stars of the film are Pablo Ferro's Main Title Sequence (talk about trend setting) and Lalo Schifrin's jazz/action music score that stands alone as an all-time favorite soundtrack CD. This Bullitt is on target. A+ and a fast paced spot on my all-time Top 100.

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