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Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Critics savaged this mash-up of history and horror, but I vote for ABRAHAM LINCOLN VAMPIRE HUNTER as an interesting, fun winner.

Adapting his own hit novel, screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith takes the true history of Abraham Lincoln and turns everything slightly askew, starting with young Abe's witnessing of his mother's death at the hands of a vampire. The Gettysburg Address, Abe's rise from shopkeeper to President, the Emancipation Proclaimation and slavery are all addressed with historical accuracy, but through a clever prism just askew enough to merge the facts with exciting fiction and Abe's night job as a slayer of the undead. It's fun, exciting, action packed and well written.Benjamin Walker is very good as Lincoln, Dominic Cooper is his vampire guide Henry and Rufus Sewell is very good as the vampire villain of the story. The conclusion aboard the railroad on the way to battle at Gettysburg is a fantastic action sequence, well crafted by director Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted) and Producer Tim Burton. Set aside your knee jerk reaction to the title and the concept and let this one take you on a wild ride. The critics assassinated this one and audiences stayed away in droves, but honestly, I give Abe 4 hatchets. A solid, fun B!

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