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Don't you hate when every good part of a comedy is shown in the trailers and there are only a handful of funny moments an entire film?

Well you don't need to worry about that with Melissa McCarthy's hilarious new comedy/thriller SPY.

Laugh-out-loud funny from start to finish, SPY tells the tale of Susan Cooper, a CIA analyst who spends her days deep in a rat and bat infested basement providing real time back up and guidance to super agent Bradley Fine (a perfectly cast Jude Law),

When the evil, wealthy Rayna Boyanov announces she has the name and face of every CIA agent worldwide AND a nuclear bomb, Susan volunteers to take point on the mission to track Rayna down, as no one knows who she is.

It's a perfect plot, allowing Susan to emerge as a very capable agent who scored at the top of her class but has hidden her talents for years in the basement.

Writer/Director Paul Feig crafts a film that isn't an Austin Powers style spoof, but a legitimate thriller with countless belly laughs and some pleasing plot twists.

Jason Statham nearly steals the film as Super Agent (in his own mind) Rick Ford, who never misses an opportunity to unleash a profanity laced tirade of all his accomplishments, including having one arm torn off and reattaching it himself with his other arm. McCarthy's reactions to his angry, crazy outbursts are perfectly executed. Statham has effortless comic timing, oozing super cool while Susan basically saves his life every ten minutes.

Byrne is terrific as Rayna, English comedienne Miranda Hart is excellent as Susan's fellow basement worker who also finds herself in the field and Allison Janney is pitch perfect as the head of the CIA. The field identities she assigns Susan are some of the funniest moments in the film.

Bobby Cannivale is terrific as a billionaire with a taste for atomic weapons and 50 Cent makes an appearance with the best dig against Kanye in ages.

McCarthy is arguably the funniest female movie star in the world, matching a commitment for physical comedy with the fastest wit and improv skills anywhere.

Her true talent in SPY is creating a character you will root for from the opening scenes all the way through the truly exciting (and hilarious) climax.

The kitchen knife fight scene between McCarthy and a lethal female assassin is as realistic and violent as it is funny, a tough mix to get right!

The opening credits are OO7 like, the scenes featured in the final credits are definitely worth staying in your seat for and the entire film delivers more consistent laughs than any film in memory.

Let's hope we haven't seen the last of Susan Cooper! She shoots, swears, slides, and seduces her way to an A.

Watch out for those rats in the basement, they tend to turn up when you least expect them....

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